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Investigative Services

QIA has a strategic business model to ensure experienced and thorough investigative services.  Using the experience of its founder and relationships in the industry, QIA is committed to providing clients with a detailed plan for any investigation as well as providing investigators who are well equipped to work collaboratively on a factual investigations and findings.  Investigations generally include  site visits with management and fact witnesses, interviews with current and former employees, and collection and review of pertinent documents.  Services may also include recommendations for best practices, written reports and expert testimony. 

Fidelity (dishonesty) investigations:

Virtually every company relies on the faithfulness and honesty of its employees.  Unfortunately, human nature sometimes intervenes, resulting in losses to a company which may or may not be covered under the company's fidelity bond or insurance policies.   QIA helps insurers or companies investigate the loss, the methods used, and the employees who have been involved.  QIA's panel to assist in the investigation includes the following professionals:

  • Amy Owen, QIA's founder, who has over thirty (30) years of experience employee dishonesty events.
  • Commercial litigation partner in southeast office of national law firm with a practice defending insureds on complex commercial liability issues.
  • Retired divisional fidelity claims manager who continues to provide risk audits for insureds to prevent fidelity claims.
  • Retired Senior Vice President (and retired police detective) at a large national financial institution available for investigations and expert testimony.
  • Investigators with twenty years of experience analyzing documentation relating to fraud and dishonesty claims.

Internal Investigation of Workplace Discrimination and Harassment Claims:

A company's morale and productivity is impacted by how well it investigates and responds to its employee's grievances.   We work collaboratively with boards, management teams and HR professionals to investigate the claims and establish best practices.  We believe strongly that employees should be respected and supported during the investigative process.  This helps all parties involved to appreciate that they have a fair and full opportunity to be heard. 

QIA has several panel members in addition to Amy Owen available to provide these investigative services:

  • Employment partner at a premier employment firm in Northern Virginia with a practice which includes counseling clients on employment "best practices" and litigating discrimination claims in state and federal court.
  • Employment attorney with Masters of Professional Studies, Human Resource Management who evaluates and negotiates discrimination claims against state and private employers.
  • Former Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Certified Coach with extensive experience auditing HR practices and investigating workplace discrimination claims.